"Soften Your Water Without Salt"

Join thousands who have overcome the burdens of Salt-Softening forever!

Water Softening Process

Stabilized Water Small - What We Do

We provide aesthetic and monetary value to our customers by converting dissolved calcium into an environment friendly water softening agent.

This process has been instrumental in the preservation of lakes and rivers by significantly reducing the use of cleaning products and by preventing billions of gallons of water from being wasted through the back-washing of salt softeners, which in turn has eliminated millions of pounds of salt from being released into the environment and our water supply.

Save Money with our Softener System

Stabilized Water Small - Save Money

The CATALYTIC 1000 will prevent scale in the water heater which will improve performance and efficiency.

Cleaning products are significantly reduced. Creams and moisturisers are often times eliminated.

Dishwashers and washing machines last longer and use less electricity as the drying time is reduced by 25% to 30%.

Further savings are enjoyed by the elimination of salt, backwashing water and corrosion caused by the ion-exchange salt softeners.

Benefits of Salt-Free Softening

Stabilized Water - Health Benefits

Softening your water without the use of salt has a wide range of  benefits which include:

Reductions in cleaning products, cleaner clothes that dry more quickly, taps and fixtures stay cleaner longer, less spots on dishes and glasses, plants lawns and gardens thrive, perms and hair colouring last longer with no salt water softening.

All without the contamination, corrosion, absorption of sodium and slimy feel associated with the salt-type units.

Soften your water without salt and join thousands who have overcome the burdens of salt-softening forever!